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The GREEN PAGES BUSINESS DIRECTORY is a perfect starting point for international exporters, manufacturers, traders and merchants looking to establish direct contacts with their business counterparts in the lucrative market .

This Directory contains the latest and complete information about your potential business partners in several country .

  • Perfect E-mail marketing tool.
  • Contact your target audience. 
  • Database of importers & exporter.
  • Your direct link to buyers .
  • Instant Download in Excel format.
  • Promote your business in global markets.

The directory lists Agricultural activities such as
(companies ,Factories, importers & exporter , retailers , agents) .
  • Listings of Top Companies in each country
  • Classified under different Trade Categories
  • Up-to-date database of businesses listed

Over 5000 Arab companies listings
Over 8000 International listings
Over 7500 Egyptian companies listing

This Directory is essentially produced for international exporters, importers, manufacturers, traders and merchants looking to establish contacts with their business counterparts and importers of agriculture businesses.

Business sectors included in GREEN PAGES 
Textile & fabric factory - Water management  - Landscape equipment  -    Recycling -Machines - Food processing -  Packaging - Livestock farms -  Veterinary medicines  - Farms Equipment - Laboratories - Agricultural crops -Agrochemicals - Irrigation systems -Seeds & seedlings  - Cargo companies -Beekeepers Supplies- Honeybees products-   Import and Export     
                                                                                                         and more...

  • GREEN PAGES Business Directory printed copy 2018 
  • Availability: CD format & Printable book the item usually delver in 48 hours 
                                                                                             (Courier charges extra).
  • Online Download 
                                   ( available for direct download in Excel spreadsheet format)
  • Last Updated on: January, 2018

Download Sample File

  • Search by Company Name
  • Perfect Email database for email marketing
  • Choose by business category
  • Database of importers & exporters
  • Language: English / Arabic 
  • Fields included:
          Company Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Website, Business Category.
                                                                                                                    .. and more
  • Geographical Coverage: Egypt, Arab countries,Middle east , some countries around the world which trades with middle east Database of companies


US $ 35 English Directory
US $ 15 Arabic Directory


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